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Health Insurance - Request a Quote - Guidance is needed.

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Open enrollment starts November 1st.

Small groups request a quote you might be suprised at how much I can lower your group premium.

Enroll Direct

Not getting a tax credit you can enroll direct.

  • Anthem's deadline is the 15th of each month.
  • Friday's deadline is the last day of the month for the first of the following month.
  • The Medical Cost Share plan by Sedera has a deadline of the 20th of each month for the first of the following month.
Anthem Enroll
Friday Enroll
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Medical Cost Share Enroll

NON ACA Health Care Options

Short Term Medical

At this moment short term medica is not available in Colorado.

I can help people in other states with this major medical option.

In Colorado the non aca alternative is a Medical Cost Share.

Medical Cost Share with MPowering Benefits
Direct Primary Care

Not in Colorado fulltime

Ask me if short term medical will work in your state?

Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Texas can sign up for short term major medical.

NGIC - Short Term Major Medical
IHC - Short Term Major Medical

Do you live 6 months of the year outside the us?

Traveling for fun or longer durations I can help you with an IMG policy,

Travel Insurance

All Access - Health Insurance Quotes

2020 quotes will be available starting November 1st. I have placed a button below so you can figure out if you or your family would qualify for a credit.

I can you on and off the marketplace. Contact me and we can set a time start putting the pieces together.

Tax Credit Calculator

Direct Access

If you do not qualify for a credit I am happy to counsel you on what plans might be the best fit for you and your family.

Email me the two best times you have to spend 15 to 20 minutes reviewing your insurance needs.

Southwest Colorado

Anthem and Friday Health Plans will have the most doctor coverage in Colorado in 2020.

Anthem Quotes

Anthem Coverage Map

***Anthem Plan Descriptions

Anthem 2023 Grids

Anthem Doctor Search
Anthem RX Search
Friday Health Plans Quote

Friday Health Plan Coverage Map


Friday Health Benefits 2023


Plan Grid for Silver Plans CSR


Colorado Option Plans

Friday Health Plans Doctor Search
Prescription Drug Resources
***Friday Insurance Description Plans
Friday Health Plan Member Resources

Student National Access Program

Friday Insurance is the only carrier in our state that has this benefit.


National Access Student Application


Mental Health Sondermind


Vision Included in Friday Health Plans

RMHP Quote
RMHP Doctor Search
RMHP Doctor Search 2023
***RMHP Description Plans

RMHP Valley Brochure


RMHP Plan Grids 2023


RMHP 2022 Brochure


Northern Colorado Insurance Plans

Are all the companies you see here above and below.

Kaiser Brochure

Kaiser Doctor Search
Kaiser Get Care
Kaiser Pay My Premium
Cigna Provider Search
Cigna Find a Doctor
Cigna RX

The Famous Injury Rider

  • I have a couple of different injury riders and they do about the same thing.
  • The rider pays for your out of pocket on your main major medical health insurance plan.
  • Injury riders can also be stand alone.
WBA Injury Rider
Plan Enhancer

You Can go to any Dentist

I offer group and individual dental plans. Request a quote.

Delta Dental Insurance

Dental Description Details


Life Insurance Review Service

Life Insurance review service.

Learn what life insurance can do for you. Family is Important.

You may have a policy already in place. Did you know Life Insurance has dramatically changed in the last 5 years?

Request for me to either email you or help you fill out a one page form to see if I can add more benefit and lower your insurance premium.

Be amazed at how a new life insurance can help with an unexpect illness while your living or the death of a partner.

Medicare & Medicare Supplement Help

Do you have questions about Medicare?

Would you like help with the transition?

I can fill you in on all the details.

If your over 65 and would like to make sure your getting the best rate on your medicare supplement, I can do a price check.